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If you are working in the construction industry then chances are you will have to comply with the government’s Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) when it comes to getting paid.

At Amaze we offer CIS solutions to support workers who engage in construction operations including building construction, alterations, demolitions, instillations and civil engineering projects to be paid correctly, quickly and efficiently.

CIS Explained

The Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) is a government scheme with a special set of rules laid out to handle payments made by contractors to subcontractors for construction and civil engineering work.


(Excluding VAT and cost of materials or plant hire)

Deducted from payments to subcontractors who are not fully registered under the CIS scheme. The contractor will provide the sub-contractor with a CIS certificate confirming any deductions and submit CIS returns to HMRC at the end of each month.

(Excluding VAT and cost of materials or plant hire)

Deducted from payments to subcontractors who are fully registered under the CIS scheme.

(No deduction made)

To qualify the subcontractor must pass 3 qualifying tests and be registered for gross payment status:

Business Test – Construction work is carried out in the UK and run through a bank account.

Turnover Test – The annual turnover exceeds £30k for sole traders

Compliance Test – No outstanding tax returns or payments due


Amaze CIS Sole Trader is an ideal solution to support self employed sole traders engaged on any construction projects and who are subject to the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS). We offer support in handling your gross payments and processing the correct tax deduction to ensure you get paid quickly and efficiently with the minimum of hassle. We can also offer you assistance with your Self-Assessment tax Returns.

To use the services of Amaze CIS Sole Trader you will need to demonstrate that you are in business on your own account and do not work under Supervision, Direction and Control (SDC) for each contract you work on. To ensure compliance with all relevant legislation, we will conduct a fully compliant and transparent Self-Employment Assessment (SEA) for each assignment so you have the peace of mind you’re on the right solution and that the tax on all income is appropriately applied.


Amaze CIS Umbrella helps those working on construction projects who are under Supervision, Direction and Control (SDC) to get paid through a compliant and trusted employment solution. Our services are used when a worker is unable to pass the SDC assessment for the contract they are working on. It is also used by workers whose agency or end client are unwilling to engage with sole traders as part of their supply chain.

We run daily payroll and pay what is due directly into your bank account and text you to let you know you have been paid. You will receive a voucher that details the tax you have paid.

Amaze CIS provides you with a solution offering peace of mind, minimal paperwork and efficient payment arrangements for your contracting.

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Supervision, Direction and Control are tests to establish if the subcontractor is deemed inside an IR35 contract. If the worker cannot pass the SDC test then their earnings must be treated as if they were employed.

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WHAT work is covered by cis?

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